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Why Toucan?


  • List as many items as you want for Free!
  • We don't limit how much you can sell.  Your seller performance and reviews will either make your business grow or fail and we are not here to control your growth.
  • Bulk Import your existing listings from eBay, Amazon, or Etsy so you can have your store on toucan deal up and running in just a short while (time varies by number of listings).  This does not get rid of your other listings; it simply duplicates them to toucandeal.
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Contracts
  • All eligible items are automatically submitted to Google Shopping for superior exposure!  To verify your items are eligible, go to the Google Shopping tab in your account.  If there is anything missing in the listings, it will show in red.
  • Buyer AND Seller Protection… We appreciate every one of you and we’ll prove it!
  • Feedback Protection.  We will review claims of unwarranted negative feedback and if it was unjustified, we will remove it.  We believe that Feedback should be a picture of the seller’s performance, and it should be only facts.  Buyers cannot leave negative feedback without contacting the seller first and giving them a chance to resolve any problems.  Any negative feedback left for a buyer or a seller will get you automatically on the blocked list of that buyer or seller.
  • Auto Feedback.  If every transaction does not get a feedback, then the feedback is truly not accurate.  If the buyer does not leave a feedback for you, our system will automatically leave you a positive after 30 days.
  • We won't be sending you "Policy Violations" every other day for random things that we can't even explain to you.  Our basic "Policy" is pretty simple:  Keep your items legal, and be honest and fair with your customers and transactions.  We would rather have a site full of great sellers than threaten to suspend your account because you had a handful of orders that didn't ship fast enough or because you had to cancel some orders.  Too many great sellers get suspended on other sites and it can be financially devastating.  
  • Your store is your business.  We do not control you or the products you sell, as long as it is legal and not age restricted, you are quite safe here.  Suspensions are very rare and typically only when sellers ignore policy violation warnings or for blatant violations of the law, such as trying to sell drugs.  
  • Defective items: If a buyer receives a "Defective item" you have the opportunity to resolve the transaction appropriately.  If you require a return, the buyer MUST return the item before getting refunded. 
  • Your listing is yours.  We won't saturate your listing with ads of other sellers selling the same item for less (Sponsored Links).  You also won't have the problem of other sellers sharing your listing where they can change the description and pictures.  Nope, not here!
  • Businesses on Toucandeal are 100% transferable to new owners if you sell your business.  Why establish a business that if successful, you can't transfer ownership?  Well at toucandeal, your hard work establishing your online business doesn't go down the drain if the time comes you have to sell it.  Simply provide some documentation proving it was a legal sale and the new owner can take over.  With us, they don't have to open a new account so the customer base and the feedback stay.
  • We don't have a Fulfillment Center and control the "Buy Box", which drastically reduces sales from small sellers.  Everyone has an equal opportunity to make a sale on Toucandeal!
  • Share any listing on Toucandeal (even your own items) on social media.  If someone uses the link and buys the item, you get 10%!


  • 100% Buyer Protection... get what you pay for, guaranteed.  If there is a problem, contact the seller first.  If you don't get a reasonable and acceptable solution, you can ask us to step in and help.
  • All transactions are processed through either Amazon Payments or PayPal.  We are also working on other options!
  • Our seller fees are much lower than our competitors, so we encourage our sellers to pass these savings on to you for the best possible pricing.
  • Check out the Coupon Book (Daily Deals) for current Seller Coupons.
  • Share any listing on Toucandeal on social media.  If someone uses your link and buys the item, you get 10%!