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Upcoming Features

Toucandeal is a family owned and operated business.  We are not a multi-Billion dollar mammoth site, like our 2 big competitors.  Our projects are all self funded, but with your help, we can get things done faster.  Every project has it's advantages, and each has a different level of importance to sellers, so this is what we are doing... Below is a list of upcoming projects and the approximate cost to complete.  This will also help get the projects completed first based on popularity.  

Any donations, we will credit your seller account the amount you donate.  So, you're not out anything, it's just prepaying to help get something that you want done faster.  If you donate, please contact us so we can do this, because it is not automated (yet).

Thank you!!!!!
David & Zsuzsanna Pearson
Toucandeal Founders

Calculated Shipping:  We've had several sellers request this, as it will calculate the exact shipping cost so to not overcharge the buyer.  

Mobile Formatting:  Approximately 80% of online shoppers are using mobile devices.  A mobile device's screen is much smaller, so there are things that are changed or omitted in order to fit the important things and cut out the not so important things.  Every page has to be "Formatted", therefore, it is an expensive project.

Improved Searches:  You know how on Google, when you start typing it auto-fills the search bar?  How about if you misspell something and you still get results?  There are several things to do that will make it easier to search (and most importantly, FIND) what you are looking for.  Find it fast and it more often will result in a sale.  

Store Categories:  Let's say you have a business of selling appliance parts.  Well, inside your store, you want buyers to be able to find your parts, right?  Well, with Store Categories, you create your own specialized categories, such as: LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Kenmore, etc.  This could be very effective for most stores.  

Alternate Payment Processing:  Anyone NOT like PayPal?  I know there are a few.  There are other systems out there, but they have to be configured to the site.  It's not like one seller setting up an account, adding their banking info and getting a card reader.  This is payments coming in that have to be dispersed to many different accounts.  There is Square, Stripe, Google Pay, and others.  Contact us and let us know which you would like to see.

Feedback:  Everyone loves Feedback, right?  Well, not EVERYONE.  Why not?  Because it's not reliable.  On amazon, only about 2% of the buyers leave feedback.  On ebay, it's about 50%, and you typically have to follow up to buyers to ask them to do it.  If not, it's much lower.  This is a HUGE problem because many buyers are quick to leave a negative, so scores are impacted in a bad way and sellers are punished for this by cutting sales, or even suspension.  On Toucandeal, we have a better plan for feedback.  After 30 days of delivery, if the buyer has not left feedback, it will automatically post a positive with a random comment, like "Great Seller!"  If the buyer tries to leave a negative, they will be prompted to email the seller first.  Then the clock starts for 2 weeks for the seller to fix whatever the buyer is complaining about.  If the problem is something like "Product damaged" this is most likely a USPS or UPS error, not the seller, so negative is not allowed.  This makes the Feedback system virtually 100% accurate.

Ebay Sync:  Every day, or more often, your ebay inventory will sync with Toucandeal, and Toucandeal will sync with ebay.  One way sync is possible, and cheaper, but we might as well do it right, right?  If you have a sale on one of the sites, it will update your inventory so you don't have to worry about overselling.  

Gift Cards:  Why not give the gift of a purchase on for Christmas, Birthdays, etc.!?  Many people have never heard of Toucandeal, but if you give them a Gift Card they will!  

Live Chat:  Okay, so the buyer found your store, but they don't see exactly what they are looking for.  They want to ask you, but most buyers don't like to send an email because they don't want to wait.  They are shopping NOW.  If they don't see what they want, they will move on.  We want to add a Live Chat box on every one of the product pages and if you are logged into your account, it will show that you are online and happy to help if they have any questions.  Click the button, and hopefully you respond in a few seconds.  They are happy, and they checkout!  

Membership:  Who doesn't like a deal, right?  Most of our sellers have come from ebay or amazon, having imported their listings.  What this means is, unless they changed the price after import, their pricing is the same as ebay.  We want to offer a membership deal,  $50  for 12 months gets you 10% off any item on Toucandeal.   Only $500 saves you this and the rest of the year is just great savings!  Check the coupons, daily deals, or with the seller and you might get even more savings.

Multiple Image Upload:  When you create a new listing, how about selecting multiple images at once and uploading all at the same time instead of one by one?  We would like to save you time so you can focus on the important things in life, like creating new listings!  LOL!  

Suggestion Box:  Please let us know your thoughts.  We want to be the favorite, easy to use, and tons of sales for all of our buyers and sellers.