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Yoki Powder Prickly Heat Acne Sweaty Dermatitis Rosacea UV Protection Psoriasis


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Yoki Powder Prickly Heat Acne Sweaty Dermatitis Rosacea UV Protection Psoriasis 

Net Weight:  60g
Quantity:    I Bottle
Brand:       Yoki
UPC:         8851124420609

Yoki anti-bacterial powder is a fine herbal talc powder that is a natural effective means of UV protection from the sun
Preventing sunburn and heat rash from skin irritation in hot weather. Itching from Prickly Heat to anything from a rash to a mosquito bite.

Sprinkle on your skin daily to help to relieve itchiness.

Yoki Powder stops excessive sweating. It neutralizes the PH of sweat and reduces the bacteria that can cause a repulsive anti-social bad odor smell.
The decomposition of bacteria causes an unpleasant sweaty smell in the underarm area, groin and legs.
The problem of sweaty odor and excessive moisture is solved for the whole day.

At nightime Yoki Powder is an effective treatment in the fight against acne on the moist oily areas on the face caused by acne. Pimples, blemishes, inflammation, dark skin spots and rashes are prevented.
This product is a popular brand in Thailand and throughout Asia.
It is to be found for sale in most chemists, large department and convenience stores in Thailand.


Use daily in affected areas.

Yoki Powder is powder that can be applied directly on the skin.  Alternatively mix with water and paste to form a barrier on the skin to cool it down.

After a shower, the fine dry talcum powder can be applied to dry, clean skin.

Place Yoki on the face as a mask or cover the body.


Zinc oxide for sun protection UV, UVB has concealed evidence or dark spots of the skin.
Boric acid as a preservative and removal of microbes
Calamine for reducing skin irritation.
Boric acid as a preservative and kill microbes.
Menthol for cooling
Camphor cools the skin reducing heat and the sweat.

Kaolin clay in the powder has drawing properties which draw impurities out of the skin.


For external use only 
Avoid getting the powder in the eyes, or inserting into the mouth or nose.
Do not use in children under 3 year 
If you have any adverse reactions stop using and consult a dermatologist

Other Applications:

Apply the powder on your feet to prevent sweat, bad smell, acne and rashes. 

Company History:

The Siribuncha Corporation has been established since 1953 in Thailand




Siribuncha Corporation


Yoki Powder


Yoki Radiant Powder



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