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Native Deodorant Grace Fragrance Free Crystal Underarm Antiperspirant Roll On Armpit


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Native Deodorant Grace Fragrance Free Crystal Underarm Antiperspirant roll On Armpit    

UPC:	                8857102910216
Brand:                  Grace
Manufacturer:	Novolife Co., Ltd.
Weight:	                70 g
Country of Manufacture:	Thailand

Grace Fragrance Free Crystal Deodorant contains ammonium alum. This is a natural occurring mineral salt. Alum has been used for hundreds of years as a natural deodorant and is a key ingredient in the Grace deodorant range. It can eliminate the bacteria which may cause your body odour. Due the natural ingredients this rollon is 100 % completely safe for your health.

For many years Grace deodorant crystals have been well-known in many markets as affordable and effective deodorants. The natural salt deodorants protect you from unpleasant sweat odours all day long. Though small in size, natural deodorant ammonium alum crystals last a really long time. This rollon does not cause skin irritation, it does not clog up your sweat gland ducts. You will not find a white residue or stain clothing.

Grace is a unisex deodorant roll-on based on Ammonium Alum Natural Mineral Salts. It is highly effective and delicate with some impressive skin care benefits. Unisex Grace is ideally suited for even those with the most sensitive skin.

Ammonium alum crystal has pronounced antibacterial properties and effectively prevents any unpleasant sweaty odour. This Grace Fragrance Free Crystal Deodorant is a compact size. The rollon crystal will fit perfectly into your small purse so you can take it with you while you on the go. The product has a neutral smell that does not contain fragrances to distort the aroma from your perfume. Therefore you can combine Grace with any perfume or your personal care products.

In Thailand when the temperature is rising and the pressure is on, Grace is a real confidence-booster to help maintain a fresh feeling from the start of the day. Fragrance Free rollon from Grace gives all-day protection against underarm odor. Also it can be applied directly after showering. Ammonium Alum Natural Mineral Salts rollon glides on smoothly, does not stain clothes, and maximizes the deodorant properties.

Grace is for when you need to keep your odor pinned down. Fragrance Free Rollon deodorant can be your first line of defense. 

When Thai people are gearing up for a workout, maybe a work presentation or just for a day of work around the house, they use Grace to keep smelling fresh. Using the Ammonium Alum Natural Mineral Salts herbal blend Roll-On Deodorant the lotion goes on smooth and keeps you dry all day long. 

The soothing qualities of Ammonium Alum Natural Mineral Salts combine to provide skin friendly, long-lasting protection.
Ammonium Alum Natural Mineral Salts are well known for replenishing and soothing qualities. So don't wait around on adding this Natural Mineral Salts rollon to your shopping cart. There will be a gentle and fresh feeling scent to freshen you up immediately.  Throughout the whole day you are offered long lasting protection to smell good and boost your confidence all day long.


Just slightly moisten the top of the stick and apply gently to clean skin. Use daily for best results, apply right after showering or bathing and use daily.


Ammonium Alum (Natural Mineral Salts).




Novolife Co., Ltd.


Grace Deodorant


Fragrance Free Crystal Deodorant



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