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Lightest Ash Blonde Permanent Hair Dye Lolane Pixxel Color Light Golden Blonde


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Lightest Ash Blonde Permanent Hair Dye Lolane Color Light Golden Blonde Emo Goth Lecithin Omega Oil

Brand: Lolane Pixxel P18 Lightest Ash Blonde Hair Dye Hair Colour

Lolane Pixxel P18 Color Cream 50 grams/50 ml 
Lolane Pixxel P18 Oxymilk Lotion 50 grams/50 ml 12%
Instructions in English
UPC    8850460990449

1 Lightest Ash Blonde box of Lolane Pixxel P18 is enough for short haircuts to medium length hair.
Longer haircuts and thicker hair may require 2 boxes or 3 boxes.
Do this for the first time of use for effective Light Golden Blonde coloring.

Please read the instructions carefully before using Lolane Pixxel P18.

Lolane Pixxel Permanent Hair Color Cream P18 contains innovative elements for modern hairstyles
Lolane Pixxel have developed an innovative long lasting Complete Capsule Technology.
This helps to make the Light Golden Blonde micro color molecules penetrate inside the hair fiber structure.
Micro capsule technology contains Lecithin Soy Bean extract that can give moisture to hair shafts, while tightening hair cuticles.
Plus Omega Oil Inca seed extract from Spain that contains Amino Acid to ensure that your hair is soft and smooth with a soft with brilliant shine and a sweet scented aroma.
This combination enhances hair vibrancy, Light Golden Blonde shine and makes it easily manageable.
This product is made in Thailand and is highly popular throughout Asia.
It is GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) with no animal testing.

When using Lolane Pixxel P18 the hair needs to be clean. 
A person with lighter hair color will always absorb color better. 
People with dark hair may need to carry out bleaching first. 

How to use: 

1.   Choose the Lolane Pixxel color die that you require.
2.   Do a sensitivity test to be carried out 24 hours before attempting colouring. 
3.   Next wash your hair before the hair treatment. 
4.   Have ready a premix of the Lightest Ash Blonde colour cream with an equal proportion of Oxymilk. 
By mixing together the Lightest Ash Blonde and Oxymilk thoroughly.
5.   Use a brush to apply this Lightest Ash Blonde n mixture to your hair small section by small section.
6.   For 20 to 40 minutes leave the Lightest Ash Blonde mixture on your hair.
7.   Finally rinse your hair thoroughly.

Please wear a pair of plastic gloves and a salon protective cape during hair treatment.
Avoid dye contact with eyes and skin. 
Rinse eye immediately if product comes into contact.
DO NOT for any reason use Lolane Pixxel P18 on eyelashes and eyebrows.
Avoid using this Lolane Pixxel product if your scalp is suffering from irritation or is injured anywhere.
Avoid contact with eyes and skin during hair treatment.
Rinse eye immediately if product comes into contact.
Keep out of reach of children.
Please have an allergy test 24 hours before using.
By applying the product, do testing in a small area of low visibility. 
Such as under your arm and behind the lobe of your ear. 
Leave it dry without rinsing for about 24 hours. 
If you have allergic reaction, please DO NOT use product.  
Product should not be used by people 16 years old and younger.
Color may vary depending on your natural hair color and style.
Lolane Pixxel P18 works best on a pre-lightened (bleached) hair.
DO NOT apply P18 if your hair dos has been colored with any kind of henna or with a progressive staining.

This product is imported from Thailand.

Manufactured date is on the Lolane Pixxel carton.
Expiration is 2 years from date of manufacture.

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The package will be shipped directly from Thailand via Thailand Post.
And take about 11-23 business days.
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Please kindly don't leave negative feedback before contacting us.
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Return shipping cost will be paid by buyer.






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