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Active Charcoal Toothpaste Whitening Herbal Bad Breath Twin Lotus Dental Care


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Active Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Whitening Herbal Bad Breath Twin Lotus Dental Care

Contents :
One tube 100 grams.
UPC:     8850348120050

With everyday use, Twin Lotus toothpaste will increase your confidence by making your teeth cleaner, brighter and whiter, while doing away with bad breath all at an affordable price.
Twin Lotus Herbaliste has a fresh minty taste with a hint of menthol and clove. The activated charcoal innovative Triple Action formula is made of pleasant scented natural ingredients such as bamboo and herbs grown in the South-East Asia. 
Activated charcoal absorbs and removes plaque from the tooth enamel and prevents the formation of tartar. Helps to cure periodontal disease, tooth decay and eliminates bleeding gums.
Black in color due to the presence of bamboo charcoal and plant components in the composition. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties and is recommended for hypersensitive teeth, Gingivitis, bad breath Halitosis as well as people with braces
Herbal ingredients such as Clove and Menthol freshen the breath and keeps it fresh for the whole day. 
Good for tea, coffee and wine drinkers. Stains from tobacco use will also be removed. 

1. Kills Bacteria detoxifies and promotes healthy gums.  
2.  Natural herbs remove bad breath and stains are absorbed into charcoal.
3. Long lasting, freshens breath, a natural alternative for teeth whitening.

Benefits of Twin Lotus Herbaliste Active Charcoal Toothpaste:
Cavity blocker:
Brushing with Twin Lotus Active charcoal toothpaste will change the pH balance in the mouth.
This will rid your molars of decay spots by making the mouth less acidic.
Eco-friendly oral care.
Detoxifier fight Halitosis: 
Kills Bacteria, detoxifies and promotes healthy gums.  
Bad breath usually occurs when toxins leave the body. 
Carbon toothpaste will get rid of excess toxins.
Herbaliste toothpaste will attach itself to bacteria, stains and various other substances that are bad for your teeth. 
So as you rinse out your mouth, you are actually getting rid of all this as well.
Germ killer: 
Will reduce bacteria. If you clean your tongue with the toothpaste this will also benefit.
Activated charcoal has” chelation” properties.
It will bind to mercury to take it out through natural waste processes. 
Will be especially beneficial to the mouth if you have amalgam fillings.

Whitening teeth:
It can adsorb plaque and microscopic particles responsible for staining your teeth and gums.

Directions for use:
Daily brushing at least twice a day, morning and before bed.
1: Wet the toothbrush
2: Carefully spread toothpaste onto head of toothbrush.
3: Brush gently for about 3-5 minutes, but spit regularly into a cup so to avoid the black cesspool that could become your sink
4: Rinse mouth with water
5: Brush tongue with water to get rid of that black color effect
6: Dump spit down the sink drain or flush down the toilet

Our products are also cruelty-free. 
Not suitable for children under 6 years.
Fluoride free.
This product is also gluten-free

"Transatak” is a trademark of Takasago International Corporation in Thailand, Japan, Germany and USA.




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