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Harry McCreedy ~ A Novel by James Jeffery Paul (Paperback 2001)


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 WELCOME TO PRO-SPIN BOOKSHarry McCreedy ~ A Novel by James Jeffery Paul (Paperback 2001)In like new conditionScathing satire of a victim culture, blockbuster first novel by James Jeffrey Paul, Harry McCreedy, is both comedy and tragedy, indictment of society and testament to the human spirit.In creating Harry McCreedy, I strove to create someone who truly lived up to that tired cliché that you see on movie posters, 'a hero for our times.' But I wanted to remind readers what a hero truly is. Like the traditional underdog hero, Harry struggles against great obstacles and experiences a lot of pain in his quest to 'do the right thing.' He also 'wins the girl' along the way. But he never completely conquers his fears; he's not cut out for the role of the strong, silent, wisecracking, 'all-American' hero. Still, he continues to struggle because he believes in the true and the good, no matter the cost to himself. To face your fears and persevere even though you don't get stronger, but only more afraid--now that's courage. That's the true definition of that misused phrase, 'a real man.'I also set out to do many other things in this novel. I wanted to satirize our culture of victimhood and complaint, and show the physical and psychological violence that results from it; I wanted to depict a love story based on mutual respect and support; I wanted to portray the sorry state of race relations in this country; I wanted to prove that, in the modern workplace, 'work is hell,' and to locate the source of this not in our economic system, but in human nature; I wanted to write a novel about a very religious man with some very human faults; I wanted to portray the Catholic Church as something more than an object of scorn and derision. Above all, I wanted to write a tragedy in the original Greek sense of the term--the story of a man who challenges forces beyond his control and is defeated by them, but who is victorious in defeat. Overall, I think that Harry McCreedy has a lot to offer readers interested in something more substantial than Bridget Jones longing to snag a man and lose weight, or Rebecca Walker trying to impress us with how many men she slept with as a teenager.I ship to United States only.Shipping IS FREE!       SAME or NEXT DAY SHIPPING.  ATTENTION PLEASE READ:This is a PAYPAL ONLY auction. NO OTHER PAYMENT METHODS ARE ACCEPTED.Payment must be made within 2 days of auction end. 


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