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We've held out as long as we could (almost 2 years) of 100% Free selling on  Unfortunately the expenses to keep operations running need to be covered so we have to start charging for sales.  Don't worry, there still are no listing or monthly fees, so we hope you don't jump ship!  All sales will now incur a 10% commission.  

Seller's eligible products are being automatically submitted to Google Shopping for superior exposure!    

We are super excited about the newest feature, Affiliate Marketing, and here's how it works... Share any listing on Toucandeal on social media.  If someone clicks the link and makes a purchase (even if it's not that item) on Toucandeal, you will get a 2% commission on the sale.  Enjoy!

Buyers get 2% Toucan Rewards Cash back on every purchase!  This is paid annually on your registration anniversary.  It's a handy little savings account! 


Thank you!