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Western Horn leg cowhide footstool Made In USA Brindle brown, red, white 0147


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Footstool Rustic Western Cowhide Furniture Steer Horn STOOL Southwest  0147

These are custom made (BY OUR shop here in Texas/USA).   We'll be adding many different color variations.  We're only limited by the cowhides we have on hand to make them at any given time.

I'll be RE taking pictures as soon as we get a SUNNY day around here!  

THIS one is made from a WINTER cowhide as evidenced by the longer (softer) hairs.     

You will notice that one corner has an area with less hair.  This is NOT a flaw.  It's simply where the cowhide (when it was ON the steer) had a little less hair because it was located where the upper body meeds the leg (similar to the way the hair thins on your dog in that area).  It's not "bald"'s just not as long as the other areas where the winter hairs have grown in.  But it's things like these that attest to the authenticity of a piece like this.  And we only mention every little nitpicky thing we can think of simply because not everyone understands the unique challenges when working with REAL horn and cowhide pieces.

These are GORGEOUS Pieces! Beautiful cowhide seat (with the hair).   Longhorn Steer Horns serve as the "legs". They have each been professionally buffed & polished.   Rick has trimmed each Longhorn Steer "leg" with matching Cowhide hair (at the tops).  And don't be fooled.  These are sturdy pieces for their size!   

This piece measures approx. 11 1/2 inches tall.   The top of the seat itself measures approx.  13 inches long and 9 1/2 inches wide. It weighs just over FIVE pounds.  Shipping is free to the US mainland.

These pieces are MADE to last a lifetime.  MANY people have tried to duplicate them.  But it takes a real artist to understand how to construct these so that the legs can hold up under continued use and the passage of time.    

Would make a STUNNING piece for any Custom Southwest Decor.



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