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This is one of the most asked questions... "What are the Fees?"  We are making it very simple and right out in the open...

Yes we will have them (just not yet).

Listing Fees: $0  Unlimited products, no fees!

Paid Listings (optional): $100.00 per month.  There is no additional exposure or higher ranking for paid listings over free listings.  The ONLY advantage with a Paid listing is you can provide a link to your website within the listing description.   You can add the link to all of your toucandeal listings for only $100.00.

Final Value Fees: Selling Commission is 10% 0%.  (Currently absolutely no fees are billed on toucandeal... (not even selling fees!)  

Google Shopping:  We automatically submit eligible listings to Google Shopping at no cost to you.  This dramatically increases exposure to items, but Google has some specific requirements, which have to be met before the items will be accepted.  For more information on this, please go to the Google Shopping tab in your account.

Fee Comparison:

Amazon Fees

eBay Fees

What do you have to lose?!  No Fees whatsoever, and we still give you great support!  You can easily transfer all of your listings from ebay or amazon and have your store on toucandeal up and running in no time!