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LOOK - 4 Cuttings "Sticks on Fire" (Pencil Cactus) Euphorbia Tirucalli


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You will receive 4 cuttings of 6 inches or longer.
plant them in regular  soil like Miracle Gro that you 
can get almost anywhere.  Make sure you have
good drainage. These are drought tolerant so you only
need to water when your soil is completely dry.  
Please use gloves when handling. When Euphorbias break or split they will
bleed a white milky substance.  Keep out of eyes,
and away from skin.  Don't worry the plant will
be okay if this happens, it will dry up in a day or
two. You should be able to grow one plant from each
Photos of the larger plants are where the cuttings
will actually come from.  Healthy plants.


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