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Amway Artistry Supreme LX™ Regenerating Cream (50 ml) # 118184 Original BEST PRICE



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Artistry Supreme LX™ 
Regenerating Cream 
(50 ml)

The everyday, luxurious anti-wrinkle cream that makes your skin look years younger.

What It Does For You

•	Instantly, skin becomes softer, smoother, radiant and re-energised, while the appearance of fine lines is diminished. 

•	In just 3 days, skin looks younger and firmer, while visible wrinkles fade away.  

•	In 2 weeks, skin looks better than it has in years with this most luxurious cream. 

•	In 4 weeks, others will notice how the look of crepiness, dark spots, and deep wrinkles is reduced. Skin appears lifted.

•	In 8 weeks, skin appears greatly firmer as elasticity of the face and neck is improved.

•	An overall, more youthful appearance emerges. 

Why You Would Like It

Looking for regenerating cream that will magically rejuvenate your face skin and will bring back its young look and energy? Here is where ARTISTRY SUPREME LX™ Regenerating Cream comes in. There is no magic behind it, though. Our anti-wrinkle cream formula was created with breakthrough technology discovered by our scientists which results in outstanding effects. We have revealed a way to make your skin act up to 15 years younger, and now it’s at your reach! 

Facts For You

•	ARTISTRY™ scientists distilled Gardenia Grandiflora’s never aging stem cells into a powerfull elixir.

•	Exclusive CellEffect24 Complex with pure gold and NUTRILITE™ ingredients was determined to amplify the effects of the Gardenia stem cell elixir.

•	This breakthrough technology recharges the skin’s vitality and boosts the skin’s energy index 68 times*.

Key Features

•	Gardenia Grandiflora’s stem cells stabilized into a pure elixir help to synchronize skin’s youthful biorhythms and renew skin’s youthful energy.

•	CellEffect24 Complex with gold amplifies the effects of the Gardenia stem cell elixir. Thanks to that skin vitality is rechargedand a comprehensive rejuvenation transpires.

•	NUTRILITE™ approved Spinach Leaf and Acerola Cherry, included in CellEffect24 Complex, helps preserve skin’s youthful look, charges skin with energy and helps to repair the signs of past damage.

How To Use

•	Apply to cleansed and toned face and neck.

•	Use the purposely designed spatula to apply ARTISTRY SUPREME LX Regenerating Cream.

•	Take some time to massage your skin. Rub the cream into your skin gently, moving upward and outward.

•	Apply ARTISTRY SUPREME LX Regenerating Creamtwice a day – morning and evening.

•	Include our regenerating cream into your everyday skincare.


The never-aging Gardenia Grandiflora’s stem cells, distilled into a powerful elixir, renew skin’s youthful energy.

CellEffect24 Complex amplifies the effects of the Gardenia stem cell elixir. Exclusive CellEffect24 blend consists of:

•	24 Karat Gold enhances skin cell turnover and provides light diffusion that boosts the youthful look of skin.
•	NUTRILITE™ ingredients: Green Acerola Cherry Extract and Spinach Leaf Extract are the powerful antioxidants that preserve young look.

•	Cardiolipin, naturally occurring lipid, and L-carnosine, naturally occurring antioxidant, help increase skin’s energy production.

•	Rhodiola Complex improves natural biorhythms of the skin

How do we know the skin “acts up to 15 years younger”?

ARTISTRY™ scientists found that there is a correlation between the way skin acts and chronological age. Signs of visible aging begins with the skin’s 24-hour biorhythms. In youthful skin, these rhythms are precisely synchronized to regenerate and create cellular skin energy. ARTISTRY scientists have found a way to help resynchronize skin´s youthful rhythms even in aging skin with remarkable next-generation technology.

They developed an accurate measurement method to evaluate the way skin acts. With the help of our Advanced Imaging Laboratory instrumentation, we have conducted a clinical study to present the effect of ARTISTRY SUPREME LXTM Regenerating Cream and ARTISTRY SUPREME LX Regenerating Eye Cream on skin. The examination was conducted on a group of people between 45-60 years old. After 6 weeks of product usage, the measurement method confirmed visible improvement of how skin acted for those who used ARTISTRY SUPREME LX products. The skin looked and behaved like if it was 15 years younger*.

*Claim based on Clinical Elasticity Measurements (Advanced Imaging & measurement lab study 038-14-ASC) n=43

I have extremely sensitive skin. What should I expect after application of the ARTISTRY SUPREME LX Collection?

The ARTISTRY SUPREME LX products have been thoroughly tested on groups of individuals with sensitive skin. There was no evidence of allergic response or extreme irritation. However, we recall that no testing program can guarantee that all the individuals with extremely sensitive skin will observe the same results.
Were the products tested on animals?

We oppose animal testing and our products are not tested on animals unless required by government regulations. We actively support initiatives to create and use alternatives to required animal tests. We conduct clinical and consumer testing with human volunteers.






Amway Artistry Supreme LX™








Regenerating Cream

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