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Lab-Volt 438 Test Module Meter VOM Sine/square wave generator AC/DC Power Supply


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Lab-Volt 438 Test Module Meter VOM Sine/square wave generator AC/DC Power Supply We gladly ship Worldwide*
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Festo/Lab-Volt 438 Laboratory Instrument System Test Module DC Meter VOM Sine/Square Wave Generator AC/DC Power Supply  All-IN-ONE!

These are about $1500 new.

Good physical shape with power cord.  powered on and everything seems to work well.  
The Laboratory Instruments module provides a compact combination of equipment which is invaluable for troubleshooting, experimentation, education and training. Utilizing semiconductor circuitry, it is highly reliable and accurate. The modules design protects the instruments from inadvertent short circuits and overloads, a feature which is essential in school laboratory situations.
The Laboratory Instruments module consists of the following devices:

DC meter
Electronic volt-ohm-millimeter (VOM)
Sine/square wave generator
AC/DC power supply

These instruments are housed in an enclosure that complements the Electricity and Electronics Training Systems, Series 556(not included). The module may be permanently attached to a bench.
Features & Benefits Practical and versatile Two meters for concurrent voltage and current measurements Several voltage and current ranges can be measured All test jacks are color-coded for easy identification Convenient carrying handles make permanent attachment possible and protect the instrumentation on the front panel Safe and durable All components, switches and terminals are mounted to resist tampering Protection mechanisms, such as internal semiconductor devices, are included against overvoltage and improper current connections

The dc meter provides quick and accurate measurements of dc voltages (three ranges) and currents (four ranges). A switch is used to select either voltage or current measurements. The dc meter movement has a 100 , high-torque, taut-band suspension.
The electronic VOM is essential for use in any electronics laboratory. The Laboratory Instruments module can operate as a dc voltmeter, ac voltmeter, ohmmeter, dc ammeter, and ac ammeter covering many ranges. The electronic VOM can also be used as a galvanometer when set to zero center.
Both the electronic VOM and dc meters have easy-to-read scales and provide simultaneous voltage and current measurements. Each instrument is fully protected against improper voltage and current connections. All minus and common jacks are isolated from the chassis.
The sine and square-wave generator has separate outputs to supply both wave shapes simultaneously. The frequency is selectable in four ranges from 50 Hz to 500 kHz. The sine wave output is continuously adjustable from 0 V p-p to 6 V p-p. A fixed, 1 kHz signal is switch-selectable for 50% internal modulation of the sine wave.
The ac/dc power supply is a fully protected sourve for four switchable ac voltages and two continuously adjustable dc ranges. An illuminated switch controls power to the entire instrument module.
Specifications Power Requirements Current 2 A Service Installation Standard single-phase outlet



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