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GALIL DMC-1780 8-AXIS ISA MOTION CONTROL BOARD We gladly ship Worldwide*
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Galil motion control DMC-1780 rev C & CB-50-100 rev B
Galil motion control DMC-1780 rev C S/N's: WW-1901 and WW-1601 Galil motion control CB 50-100 rev B
DMC-1780 8-axis motion controller with CB-50-100 Cable assembly to provide 100 connection for axis 5-8

Galil's DMC-1780 motion controller is fully programable and can control up to 8 axis of servo motors, stepper motors, and hydraulics.

Features: Plug and Play Dual communication channels including DMA and FIFO 62.5 microsecond per axis servo update rate Binary or ASCII communication modes Up to 8 axes of motion control Controls servo motors, step motors, and hydraulics 12,000,000 counts/sec encoder feedback 16-bit DAC 3,000,000 steps/sec for stepper control Non-volatile program memory Multitasking of eight independent programs Modes of motion: jogging, point-to point positioning, linear and circular interpolation, electronic gearing and cam, and contouring Optoisolated inputs for home, abort, limits 8 uncommitted, optoisolated inputs (5-28 VDC) and 8 programmable outputs 8 analog inputs with 12-bit ADC ( 16-bit optional ) High-speed position capture High speed encoder compare output Programmable event triggers ( trip points ) I/O functions and timers for executing PLC tasks Flash EEPROM for firm-ware updates, program, parameter and array storage 100-pin high density environmental connector minimizes EMI Uses 32-bit specialized microcomputer and custom, submicron gate array for highest performance Sophisticated PID filter with velocity and acceleration feedforward for optimum precision High-speed command processing with bus interrupts Programmable acceleration and deceleration with profile smoothing to eliminate jerk Continuous vector feed of infinite number of linear and arc segments for smooth motion Contour mode for profiling along computer generated paths such as parabolic or spherical profiles Relative and absolute positioning with more than 2,000,000,000 counts per move High-speed position latches on each axis Error handling including programmable software limits, automatic error shut-off, amplifier enable, user-defined error subroutines, and watchdog timer Comprehensive status reporting for position, speed, torque, error, and inputs

Modes of Motion: Independent Axis Positioning: In this mode, each axis follows its own prescribed profile. The user specifies the desired absolute position (PA) or relative position (PR), along with the acceleration rate (AC), deceleration rate (DC), and slew speed (SP). Position can be interrogated at any time using the tell position (TP) command.
Jogging:The jog mode allows the user to command each motor to run at a prescribed jog speed. The user specifies the jog speed (JG), the acceleration rate (AC), and the deceleration rate (DC). On begin (BG), the motor accelerates up to the jog speed and continues at that speed until a new speed or stop command (ST) is issued. The direction of motion is specified by the sign of the JG parameter. The JG, AC, and DC parameters can be changed at any time during motion. Average speed can be interrogated at any time using the tell velocity (TV) command.
Linear Interpolation: The DMC-1700 provides a linear interpolation mode for any combination of 1, 2, 3, and 4 axes. Here, motion between the axes is coordinated to maintain the prescribed vector speed (VS), acceleration rate (VA), and deceleration rate (VD) along the specified path. The path is described by incremental distances (LI) for each axis. Several LI segments can be given prior to and during motion allowing infinite paths to be followed without stopping. There is no limit to



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